The 3 Best Attractions in DC You Don’t Want to Miss

The 3 Best Attractions in DC You Don’t Want to Miss

All around Washington D.C. you can find educational yet entertaining museum exhibits that frequently rotate out with the seasons. Summer has finally come to a close and autumn has taken shape, but museum exhibits remain amongst the best attractions in DC. Here are three autumn museum exhibits you cannot miss out on during your travels through Washington D.C.

Recent Acquisitions at the National Portrait Gallery

While not a traditional museum, the National Portrait Gallery is a prime example of showcasing the history of our country through beautifully created portraits of some of our most important citizens. The National Portrait Gallery will be bringing in new additions to the gallery that cannot be missed during your trip starting November 16th. This exhibition will showcase works of art featuring Oprah Winfrey, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, and more. Most importantly, this exhibit will showcase the Obama portraits created by Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald. Do not miss this exciting exhibit debuting this autumn. It’s one of the best attractions in DC.

Corot: Women

At the National Gallery of Art, you can find the upcoming autumn exhibit Corot: Women. French Neoclassicism artist Camille Corot crafted exquisite paintings across the 19th century. 44 of his masterpieces will be shown, including the Woman with a Pearl, The Repose, and his riff on Mona Lisa. Corot’s works of art use sophisticated colors that are perfected with his delicate touch. You can view the Corot: Women exhibit at the National Gallery of Art this autumn from September 9th through December 31st.

A Revolution in Arms – Best Attractions In DC

This autumn you can check out one of the best attractions in DC with the Anderson House exhibit focusing on America’s fight for independence during the Revolutionary War. This new exhibit will showcase important artifacts of the war including firearms and other weapons. A Revolution in Arms highlights the importance of the few shops and factories that worked overtime to supply our country with enough inventory to take on the well-armed British army. You can find the A Revolution in Arms exhibit at the Anderson House from October 11th to March 24th. Admission is free, so feel free to bring the whole family.

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